Greetings to Everyone! We are starting the last part of our Bible Study “How We Got The Bible”

Just a reminder the notes are under Weekly Worship Folder

Session Twenty One


Session Twenty


Session Nineteen



Session Eighteen


Session Seventeen


Session Sixteen



 Session Fifteen



Session Fourteen



Session Twelve


Go to Weekly Worship Folder Tab for printable notes for all of part two (18 pages)


Session Eleven


Go to Weekly Worship Folder Tab for printable notes for all of part two (18 pages)

Session Ten


Session Nine.


Session Eight.


Session Seven. 


Session Six. 


Session Five.


Session Four.   https://youtu.be/RjxMwut70aA

Session Three.   https://youtu.be/OntykBy0AK0

Session Two.   https://youtu.be/WcacbQKVKuI

Session One.   https://youtu.be/WvXnPTKd9nI 

Preview.    https://youtu.be/1fHtHWOd_dI

 Below is the youtube link for the video. 

Again please call or email if you want us to mail you a hard copy of the notes for this entire series. If you wanted, you could pick it up as well just let us know when. Please share this truly enlightening information with everyone and anyone!! Prayers to you from Trinity Lutheran Church!







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Hello to Everyone!       
Here is the link for our this Sunday's Service 6/13

You can also get a readable/printable version on our website under WEEKLY WORSHIP FOLDERS at trinityftl.org


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We hope to see everyone in our gathered service this Sunday at 10am but if you can not make it, we have you covered.The link will be below will be available on Friday along with the readable/printable version.  It is under WEEKLY WORSHIP FOLDERS. All  services for lent will be on Facebook, emailed, and on our website. We are keeping everyone in prayer as always. Please contact us anytime to stay in touch. 

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Pastor Dave Kehret : 434-426-7518

Church Office : 954-463-2450






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We have a place to place "SHARE" containers for homeless supplies at the back of the sanctuary when we had to shut down. But Rosalyn Sherf and her friend Karen have continued to gather and provide materials for about 40 homeless bags each month. Recently she let us know that five things are really needed:






(yes they finally used up all the socks we collected)

We are now putting a "SHARE" box outside our gate each morning (Tuesday thru Saturday) and taking it inside every afternoon, so that our members can continue to providewhile we are still shut down. Just drive by and drop off!!!!


Please have a Safe Weekend!!! We will see you soon!!!!!








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                                Post-Worship Fellowship Social:                  11:15 AM

                                Weekly Haitian Worship Service:                11:30 AM

Join us for our new Online Sunday Adult Bible Class,  

"How we got the Bible"