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Why Are We Having A Spaghetti Dinner For Socks?


Rosalyn Scherf


            For decades now, Karen Laythe and I have been going to the shelter to pass out clean socks to the homeless who are bused in for lunch on the weekends.  We go once a month.

            We started giving out socks because we found out that many of the men and women who take day labor jobs cannot work unless they have on a pair of socks. So, among many other things, we give them socks.  We also started adding washcloths many years ago. 

            During the regular months, we give new and used things. But for Christmas, I wanted them to have all new things.  Everyone enjoys getting something for them that is new; just their own.  The socks are gratefully appreciated.  And my prayer is that they feel God’s love when they wear their new socks.

            Karen and I go to the Jubilee center on Christmas day to give out all our gifts. (We actually give about 1200 gifts that day.)  Some people have a small place to live, but many live on the streets.  The center and people call me “The Christmas Lady”.  A title I am honored to have. Then the following Saturday, we go to the Broward Outreach Center to give out the rest of our gifts that are left over from Christmas day.

            So, that’s why we are collecting socks in exchange for a spaghetti dinner.  We are very thankful that the Trinity Womens Club has been helping us out by having these dinners.

            Won’t you please join us on November 16th for dinner?  Bring your friends and love ones and join in sharing God’s love with giving a pair of socks. 

            Thank you and God Bless All That You Do, Rosalyn


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