Trinity Haitian Mission

In 2004, Pastor Josue Vilsaint began his formal education in the ministry at Concordia University in St. Louis. While in school, he was stationed in a few locations for internships including Holy Cross Lutheran Church in North Miami; Grace Lutheran Church in Miramar, and Trinity Lutheran Church in Fort Lauderdale. His training was under the leadership of Pastor George Warhead, Pastor Jeff Carlson and Pastor Tom Hackett.

The story of Trinity Haitian began in 2008 in Miami Dade County when Pastor Vilsaint, his family, and another Pastor by the name of Pierre Mace Cheriles had a dream to help other individuals know God and discover their purpose in life. A few people in the neighborhood were joining, and the church started to grow. Pastor Vilsaint has been very passionate about helping people experience the blessing and mercy that God has to offer through Jesus.

In 2009, the congregation moved to Broward County and by the grace of God, a large group of people joined the congregation. Many individuals accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior and became members. Each Sunday, we worshipped with more than 100 people and many of them became baptized and also got married.

Due to Covid causing members to stay away, members moving out of state and younger members going away to college, our size is smaller, but we still thank God and give Him all the glory for keeping our ministry moving.

We thank the Trinity Lutheran Board members for all the support they have provided to our Trinity Haitian congregation which has enabled Pastor Vilsaint to build a church in Haiti to continue to spread the word of God.

We welcome you to join us for our services in Creole which begin on Sunday mornings at 11 am.

Murl Windsor Academy

Murl Windsor Academy seeks to provide all students with a learning experience that will enhance positive change in their academic pursuits and refine social-emotional behavior. We also aim to help students understand, develop, and express their unique interests and abilities through the Reading, Mathematics, Language Arts, Social Studies, and STEAM disciplines, with a strong focus on leadership. The mission of Murl Windsor Academy is to encourage the scholarship of all students while developing responsible citizens, capable of making informed choices. As a result, MWA students will have gained the ability to identify their personal, educational, career, and lifelong goals on the road to success.

Murl Windsor is open to any student seeking an academic challenge or any student who is interested in a smaller, safe school environment, where they can focus on learning and self-development. Visit Murl Windsor Academy to learn more.

Tutoring Services are available through MWA Academic Learning Services.

Learning Center Academy

Welcome to The Learning Space Christian Academy

We offer preschool programs for infants through 5-year-olds, including free VPK. Our school also provides an after-school program for school-age children. Our focus is to engage children in learning through play by helping them follow their interests. Because children naturally develop by exploring the world around them, our space is designed to invite them to interact with their environment.

We also encourage early literacy and number sense through play, games, storytelling, music, and art. Our children build, play pretend, listen to stories, sing and dance, create art, grow their own food in the school garden, and host a farmer’s market for their families. All the while, they are gaining vocabulary, understanding numbers, identifying patterns, observing the natural world, and so much more.

• Proven High-Scope curriculum lets children learn through play
• Opportunities for social and emotional learning
• Building reading, math, science, and computer skills
• Safe and nurturing environment
• Learning through art, music, dance, play, and physical activity
• Outreach of Trinity Lutheran Church
• At chapel, children learn about Christian values through bible stories

Visit us to learn how we promote a love of learning in young children
Adriana Suarez — (954) 463-2456
Mon-Fri, 7 AM to 6 PM
License #46715

Please Visit Us Any Sunday At 10am • Haitian Mission Service at 11am

Trinity Lutheran Church

11 SW 11th St
Ft Lauderdale FL 33315